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The Casket and Monument Company

We are in our 14th. year of helping families. Our goal at the Casket and Monument Company is to make the loss of a loved less stressful for all family members. We start by offering affordable caskets, burial vaults, and monuments. We always offer free information to families who have an immediate need for help in planning a traditional funeral service or cremation.

If families do not have a mortuary in mind, we can refer you to many local mortuaries from which to make a choice. We can also help families with the location of cemetery property throughout Southern California at greatly reduced prices, up to 60% off retail prices.

We have many valuable resources to share with you at no cost. Please feel free to call even before you need our services. By doing so you will have a plan before it is needed and will not need to make these plans when you have just lost a loved one.

Remember this:  Planning a funeral for a loved one is heart wrenching experience.  Denial is expensive both emotionally and financially.  Contacting us for free information will help you make better decisions at the time of need because you have educated yourself about the goods and services needed prior to a loss.  If the cemetery where you own a burial plot has its own mortuary, you are not obligated to use them for services but owning the plot assures burial in that cemetery. Using another provider may save you money that would be available for other things you may need at a future date.  We can help you with all your funeral or cremation needs including ship-outs to Mexico or around the world.

We are one of the best kept secrets in the Los Angeles area and we have been featured on KABC television. Please feel free to Google us and read our reviews.

For assistance or additional information please call us 24 hours a day.  Rick Ramirez at 626-999-7096 or our general office number at 562.884-4328. Se habla Espanol.


Here is some basic price information and please call for any specific questions you may have:       

* Caskets prices starting at $899.00

* Monuments start at $535.00 for a 12 x 24 for a lawn mower edge.

* Monuments start at $749.00 for 16 x 28 for a lawn mower edge.

* These monument prices are for black and grey, plus 18 other colors are available.